Americana - ongoing

For the past few years the idea of America and how it is ideally and practically expressed has been challenged. Society is increasingly becoming divided in what makes the “idea” of America great. The identity of America is up for debate. Some feel that it is exclusive to the ones who are willing to accept a certain set of ideals, while others feel it is inclusive to all and welcomes a diverse set of beliefs.

Because of its history, I feel this isn’t more apparent than in the South.

This project is an attempt to reveal a cross-section of the idea of America, its symbols, its nuances, for better or for worse.

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windows - Ongoing

Shakespeare said, “The eyes are the window to the soul.” The Christian bible state that the eye is the “lamp to the body.” The eye seems to possess a transparent, revealing quality that allows one to see into the depths of an individual.

Starting in 2014 I decided to embark on a journey that explored the brief human connection. I wanted to see how much I could gleam from a brief but engaging encounter. The more I photographed, the more I realized that the heart of the connection lied not in the introduction or the proposition, but within the eyes.


Give thanks

In 2015 my grandmother’s life on earth was coming to a close. I had a desire to document the hours leading up to her transition. In spite of the infinite number of times I’ve been in her house I’ve never noticed a piece of wall art that was in the kitchen. It simply stated, “Give thanks.” It seemed so ironic, so detached, so impossible given the situation.