The Ride Along

I haven't written a post in a while, and it has nothing to do with not having content.  I have plenty.  It's the time component that I can't quite get a hold of. It's in part to my busy weekly schedule.  Between working full-time, attending choir rehearsals, church services, and just living in a normal four- piece family (that includes a three year old and six year old), I'm almost always on duty.  And, when I get a chance to relax, I just want to writing, no pictures....just chill. 

Chaka, my wife, also leads a pretty busy schedule, and most of the time, she ends up working out the details of where our kids will end up....and most of the time, it's not with me.  Well, that changed this past Saturday.  She had plans and I really didn't after breakfast.  So guess who had the kids?  Yep.  I'm cool with it, but I suck at finding things for them to do.  Since I'm a "let's-go-downtown" kinda guy, that was the first place I thought to go.  The Soda City Market was over and the spaces were open to park, so I decided to pull over.  As I was crossing Taylor Street, I saw a Soda Cap Connector bus.  Bingo!  And it's FREE (for now).

That's where our story started...on Taylor Street waiting to catch the bus.  Needless to say, they were pretty excited!


Katelyn and Jaxon seemed to take it all in.  At first there was the initial excitement of riding the bus (trying to find the best seat, singing, playing peek-a-boo), but that soon shifted to a meditative, thoughtful posture.  And it didn't take long.  





And that was our trip.  It lasted 20 minutes and brought us back where we started, on Taylor Street.  The kids loved it.  They saw people get on and off the bus, talked with the friendly driver, and even sung the appropriate traveler's hymn, "The Wheels On the Bus."  

I'm glad I made time for the free ride-a-long. 

P.S. I was pretty impressed with the bus. It had USB connectors, free wifi, access for handicap, etc. ColaToday wrote a great article that went into detail about their experience.  You can read more about it here.